Common Ground - Network of New Hampshire Progressives - Response Form

Dear Friends,

You are receiving this letter because your organization is "progressive" in the sense that it promotes human and civil rights, diversity, economic justice, racial justice, defense of the environment, women's rights, gay rights, universal health care, separation of church and state, adequate public education, peace and demilitarization, labor organizing, or related activities. You may also be receiving this if your organization does work in the areas targeted by right-wing legislators for cutbacks and restrictions: women's heath care, the arts, social service, volunteer service, etc.

We are a network of progressive New Hampshire individuals and institutions dedicated to upholding democracy and the rights of all people. We are committed to supporting and promoting diversity and tolerance and acting according to principles of peace and nonviolence. Our mission is to educate communities about human rights issues and to serve as a clearinghouse for individuals and member organizations and the media. Our primary task is to educate ourselves and citizens in general about the radical right's agenda, strategies and leadership by moitoring and exposing their activities in our state and challenging the myths and misinformation spread by them.

We are building a directory of progressive institutions in New Hampshire, and we hope you can take the time to fill out the enclosed form and "join" us to the extent your charter permits.

We hope the directory will:

Besides developing the directory, we plan to sponsor a series of monthly presentations by different Common Ground member groups, starting this Fall. If you can suggest a topic or idea that would combine a fun, social atmosphere with some educational or informative material, please contact us.

If you can make a contribution toward the cost of mailings and printing, that would be welcome, too. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a bank account, so checks should be made out to Paige Roberts.

Contact us: Common Ground c/o Paige Roberts, P.O. Box 6563, Portsmouth NH 03802-6563, phone: 603-427-0034, email:

Common Ground - A Network of New Hampshire Progressives

Organization Name ______________________________
Contact Person ______________________________
Address ______________________________
Town _________________ ZIP: _______
Phone ______________________________
Email Address ______________________________
Web Page ______________________________

Mission Summary (Please summarize what your organization stands for in 1 to 3 sentences):

Category: (check as many as apply)
_ Non-Profit _ Religious _ Social Service _ Labor
_ Political/Lobby _ Citizen _ Peace&Justice _ Environent
_ Economic Justice _ Education _ Other ________________
_ Victim of right wing budget slashing

Are you interested in being listed as a member organization of Common Ground, and sending a representative tomeetings? __(Y/N)
Are you able to make a contribution toward postage and printing? ____(Y/N) Amount Enclosed $____.
Please list the names and addresses of any other
organizations and individuals you think should receive
this questionnaire. ___________________________________

Please return this form to: Common Ground c/o Paige Roberts, P.O. Box 6563, Portsmouth NH 03802-6563. Any questions? call 603-427-0037, or email
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